Activated Solutions Case Study

Who is Activated Solutions?

Activated Solutions is a company dedicated to safeguarding businesses from the increasing number of online threats. Their focus is to enable businesses to operate without fear of cyber attacks by providing dependable and secure solutions. They prioritize protecting business data and ensuring individuals have the confidence and freedom to carry out their work without worrying about malicious activities. Activated Solutions prides itself on having an experienced team of experts who offer unmatched security services, guaranteeing businesses' security under any circumstance. These cyber security experts have extensive experience working in the most challenging and intricate environments, having served some of Canada's and the United States' largest corporations, such as the Bank of Canada, TD, House of Commons, and ObamaCare, among others.


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Obstacles & Main Objectives

Before engaging with our team, Activated Solutions had experienced a period of rapid expansion and sought to stabilize its growth forecasting methods. They also faced issues with data organization on their CRM, HubSpot. The sales process, from initial outreach to booked meetings and conversions, was inconsistent, resulting in significant time spent following up with unqualified leads. Improving their outbound sales strategy was critical for Activated Solutions to achieve more predictable and dependable results. Additionally, it was crucial for them to identify the product-market fit and the most promising sectors for their success.

Introducing An Innovative Sales Strategy

1) Increasing the Quantity of Outbound Meetings While Lowering Expenses

During the initial discussions, it was agreed that the objective was to secure ten qualified meetings per month with leads that met the criteria. The goal was accomplished promptly, enabling us to broaden our involvement by bringing in a Sales Development Representative. This additional SDR allowed us to schedule twenty meetings per month. Furthermore, these meetings are being generated at a lower cost than the ones produced through Activated Solutions' inbound marketing campaigns. By increasing our lead generation efforts, we have also succeeded in revitalizing past sales prospects that were either inactive or unresponsive. Our team has also effectively followed up with existing high-value opportunities, leading to second and third meetings.

2) Remodeling Their HubSpot CRM

Activated Solutions' challenges with their HubSpot CRM were resolved by the team to ensure that all employees had visibility into the sales cycle and the sales process dynamics. The restructuring of the CRM platform involved implementing HubSpot sales, organizing the HubSpot system, and setting up a dashboard. Sales team classifications were created to improve sales tracking, and the new dashboard increased visibility and led to better lead source reporting. To create a flywheel approach, the team collaborated with Activated Solutions' marketing department on lead lists, which involved warming up leads with ads and following up with targeted ads. The team also developed several scripts for sales, calling, and email objection handling.

3) Adopting a Growth Strategy Focused on Needs

Although Activated Solutions was aware of the industries in which they lacked competency, they were uncertain about the areas where they could excel. Therefore, we conducted an analysis to identify the sectors where the company could scale up or down. We focused on increasing lead flow in areas such as the agency sector, where Activated Solutions had a strong foothold. However, we ensured that our scaling approach was in line with the company's capabilities. We did not want to overload them with leads that they could not handle. Thus, we targeted niche and sub-niche sectors with precision, aligning our scaling strategy with Activated Solutions' existing framework.

4) Expanding Into New Sectors 

Similar to our approach of targeting niche markets that have previously responded well to Activated Solutions' vision, we also needed to devise a plan to establish a foothold in other industries. Sectors such as food and beverage, beauty, and retail are known to be challenging to penetrate through inbound or Facebook advertising. However, by developing several iterations of Activated Solutions' messaging and suggesting solutions that address specific pain points, we have successfully scheduled meetings with high-ranking members of those industries.


Our successful implementation of outbound email campaigns has not only resulted in a significant increase in scheduled meetings but also opened up new opportunities for Activated Solutions in previously unexplored verticals. We are currently on track to generate four times the typical number of sales meetings for them.

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